Pomodoro Semisecco

Semi-dried tomatoes.

Sweet and mouthwatering, these semi-dried tomatoes recipe can be enjoyed by all the Mediterranean food lovers. A sophisticated alternative to the fresh tomatoes, already drizzled with fresh garlic and herbs. Perfect in salads, as an appetizer or drinks accompaniment, they are also perfect served alongside cured meat and cheeses.

  • Antipasto Siciliano
  • Carciofotto Siciliano
  • Aglio Marinato
  • Funghi Mix
  • Cipolette Borrettane
  • Cetriolini
  • Pomodoro Sott'Olio
  • Pomodoro Semisecco
  • Pomodoro alle Erbe
  • Ciliegino Siciliano
  • Capperi in Aceto
  • Capperi con Gambo
Pomodoro Semisecco