Olive alla Boscaiola

Marinated large green pitted olives with mushrooms, peppers and herbs.

Giant green olives, a Sicilian speciality, are cured in our exclusive brine recipe and mixed with mushrooms, red peppers and a pinch of herbs for an exciting combination of tastes and textures.

Enjoy this taste of Mediterranean heaven in salads or as a nibble with drinks or on their own.

  • Olive alla Boscaiola
  • Olive Mix
  • Olive Etnea
  • Olive Giovanna
  • Olive al Limone
  • Olive Peperoncino
  • Olive Manzanilla
  • Olive Rustica
  • Olive Kalamata
  • Olive Paesana
  • Olive Villanella
  • Olive Mediterranee
  • Olive Marocco
Olive Boscaiola