Aglio Marinato

Marinated sweet garlic.

Sweet and luscious, these cloves of marinated garlic can be eaten and enjoyed by everyone.

A sophisticated process has removed the pungent taste and smell resulting in a delicious ingredient perfect in salads, as an appetizer or drinks accompaniment.

  • Antipasto Siciliano
  • Carciofotto Siciliano
  • Aglio Marinato
  • Funghi Mix
  • Cipolette Borrettane
  • Cetriolini
  • Pomodoro Sott'Olio
  • Pomodoro Semisecco
  • Pomodoro alle Erbe
  • Ciliegino Siciliano
  • Capperi in Aceto
  • Capperi con Gambo
Aglio Marinato