Olive Kalamata

Marinated black pitted Kalamata olives with artichokes, peppers and herbs

Named after the city of origin (Kalamata in Greece), this famous black olive variety is smooth and meaty with rich and fruity taste.

Here the flavour of the olives is enhanced by the addition of highest quality Sicilian artichokes and red peppers.

  • Olive alla Boscaiola
  • Olive Mix
  • Olive Etnea
  • Olive Giovanna
  • Olive al Limone
  • Olive Peperoncino
  • Olive Manzanilla
  • Olive Rustica
  • Olive Kalamata
  • Olive Paesana
  • Olive Villanella
  • Olive Mediterranee
  • Olive Marocco
Olive Kalamata