Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms

All goods supplied must be paid on cash on delivery basis, unless a prior and different agreement has been reached with you; You are not entitled in any circumstances to set off, cross claim or withhold payments. So for any problems please give us a call before payment is due and if you have a valid claim we will find together the best solution to sort it out. You must nonetheless pay by the due date for all goods which are not subject of the claim and all other undisputed charges and invoices;

If you have achieved credit accounts with us, you should send payments within the agreed terms otherwise your account will be placed on stop; A charge of £10 will be applied for each returned cheque as we will be charged too.


Every day we have to trade with Euro currency, weather conditions, fresh produce harvests and variable transport costs that all effect our buying so unfortunately our prices may change without notice. If you order through one of our distributors, wholesaler or agent prices and delivery may vary accordingly.

Orders and Deliveries

You can place your order by phone, fax or e-mail. To avoid orders mistakes or misunderstanding it is better for us both that you refer to our latest price list. It really does help to ensure you get what you wanted! Our deliveries cover the UK Mainland, for some areas we may have a minimum order which vary depending on the areas of delivery. Give us a call to find out! Orders are accepted subject to products availability. Deliveries and goods conditions must be checked at time of receipt. We only accept claims regarding conditions and quality of the product if you send them in writing within 2 days of delivery.